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By Stoyan Todorov eSports 05 Apr 2018 35 views

Tickets for the upcoming H1Z1 Pro League (H1PL) are available as of 4 April. H1Z1 may not be as popular as its counterparts Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battleground are, but Daybreak Game Company’s title will be the first to officially debut as an eSports game.

The event will begin on 21 April at the Twin Galaxies Sports Arena inside Caesars Entertainment Studios, in Las Vegas. The pricing for the tickets will range from $15 for a standard seat to VIP offer for $65 a pop.

Twin Galaxies Co-chairman Jace Hall has said that H1Z1 has long reunited the best players in the battle royale genre.

The Las Vegas event will throw in 75 of the world’s best against each other while the audience would enjoy an ‘unprecedented intense live competition as well as the mainstream audience vision that Esports 2.0 can bring.’

Hall also spoke about the reach of battle royale games, qualifying it as ‘the first truly accessible esports that can be appreciated and understood just by about anyone.’

A leading provider of streaming and broadcasting services for eSports, Caesars Entertainment is happy to participate in a ‘word-class entertainment’, EVP Gaming and Interactive Christian Stuart said.

The league will feature two splits of ten weeks each. Every broadcast will be available on Facebook so that billions of fans may follow the action across the world.

The league is a collaboration between the developer Daybreak Game Company and Twin Galaxies, a division of Vision Venture Partners. Twin Galaxies has laid the ground for the H1Z1 Pro League through its Pro League Division.

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