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By Stoyan Todorov eSports 7 days ago 131 views

The first official battle royale game genre professional league, the H1Z1 Pro League has announced that fans will now be able to contribute towards the prize pool and support the teams they are rooting for.

By purchasing a $19 team pack, fans can chip in towards the total prize pool. What they get in return is team-branded merchandise, such as a hoodie and parachute. Overall, 15 teams will take part in the upcoming League, set to launch on 21 April 2018.

The battle royale genre has seen a lot of skins and additional in-game goodies being crafted by professionals and community designers alike.

An additional goodie that can be purchased is the H1Z1 Pro League All in One Pack available at $269.99 a pop. In addition, all skins can be purchased through the Steam Store.

The League will kick off in earnest on 21 April at Caesars Entertainment Studio in Las Vegas, Nevada. In a series of announcements, the H1PL website announced the participating teams, with the latest addition of Epsilon.

The events will also enjoy professional casting delivered by Jason ‘SUP3RSoN1k’ Burns and Rich W. Campbell who are both well-versed in the game. Campbell has already been casting H1Z1 competitions.

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