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By Nikola Petrov Overwatch 4 days ago 126 views

Another series of IRL community events is about to start. Flash Ops is a new way to celebrate the game with friends, regardless of skill level.

While the Overwatch League is the premiere eSports competition that pits world’s best players against one another, the Archives are story-centred in-game event, and the Payload Tour is a celebration of cosplay and fandom, this new initiative takes bits from all of these and combines them in one.

Flash Ops is series of game nights scheduled for different dates and locations around North America. Players and fans of all skill levels are invited to join. The event won’t just focus on gameplay skills, but also reward knowledgeable players when it comes to lore.

Here’s the list of initial activities:

  • 1v1 Mystery Duel
  • 3v3 Lockout
  • 8 player FFA
  • 4v4 Team Deathmatch
  • Overwatch Trivia
  • Art activities

The first wave of Flash Ops will take place in North American Microsoft Store locations for their ASUS ROG Arena community nights. Every Thursday evening between 19 and 21 April there will be friendly fan meet-ups over Arcade-format matches.

Avid eSports fans will have the opportunity to attend special Overwatch League viewing parties during Stages 3 and 4, powered by Tespa. Here’s the list of all six parties:

04/07 – Rochester Institute of Technology – Rochester, NY
04/13 - Academy of Art University - San Francisco, CA
04/20 – University of Connecticut – Storrs, CT
04/26 – Rutgers University – New Brunswick, NJ
05/05 – University of California Riverside – Riverside, CA
05/06 – University of California Santa Barbara – Goleta, CA

After the first wave of events is over, Blizzard wants to expand the celebrations outside of North America and spread globally. Further information will be posted on the Path to Pro Twitter account.

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