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By Nikola Petrov Overwatch 13 Apr 2018 70 views

Blizzard is running a community event based on the Archives, featuring popular Overwatch streamers and personalities.

You already know about the Archives, Overwatch’s limited-time story-driven PVE event. What’s new though, is that Blizzard has announced the Archives Challenge. This is a weekly series of missions, featuring popular streamers, fighting in hand-picked squad compositions.

Each Wednesday the challenge will be updated. The teams will have a few days to play through the mission on the Legendary difficulty level and submit their score. The teams with the highest score at the end of the three weeks will be crowned Retribution champions and get a special event-themed prize pack including MSI Gaming 27” curved gaming monitor, MSI gaming peripherals, a Genji statue, and more. Here’s the catch, though: they are not keeping the gear for themselves but instead will be giving it away to their viewers.

Though challenges two and three are still ‘encrypted’, we have information as to what the first one will be.

Week 1 (April 11 – 15): Retribution Story Mode Challenge

Teams will compete in an unchanged ruleset from the normal Story mode – meaning they will run through the mission as the four lore-appropriate Heroes: Genji, McCree, Moira and Reyes (Reaper). The goal here is just to complete the mission and amass the highest score possible.

Week two is scheduled for 18-22 April, and week three for 25-29 April.

The complete list of the competing teams, as well as links to their respective Twitch channels can be seen on the official Overwatch website.

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