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By Stoyan Todorov eSports 11 Apr 2018 151 views

The Emerson College has come with some interesting numbers as the institution published a survey reflecting public opinion and perception of video games and electronic sports across the United States and China.

The study covered basic questions trying to determine how many people were familiar with the concept as well what their rate of personal involvement. With this in mind, US respondents seemed to be familiar with eSports as a concept 74% to 26%. Conversely, Chinese respondents boasted familiarity of 87% to 13%.

Another major point was whether eSports is a hobby or a profession. US respondents said they understand eSports as a non-professional, leisurely activity 66% to 34% whereas Chinese residents said they see eSports as a pro activity 75% to 25%.

The survey also confirmed a trend that has been in the known. China and the region seem to be more involved with eSports and are more ready to spend on eSports merchandise. The survey cited 71% of US respondents who have not spent anything on eSports merchandise over the previous six months. Oppositely, only 28% of Chinese residents spent nothing on eSports merchandise.

An estimated 77% of US residents played video games for five hours or less whereas 48% of Chinese residents spent six hours or more on video gaming/eSports.

The survey was presented on 5 April 2018 at the College Esports Expo at Emerson College.

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