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By Stoyan Todorov eSports 10 Apr 2018 135 views

ESP Gaming has announced they had completed a studio with Poker Central on the Las Vegas Strip. The venue will be capable of hosting eSports events and will further consolidate the reputation of the area as a hot bed for professional video gaming.

Poker Central will be in charge of the studio which is already primed to hold Vainglory Premier League and Super Evil Megacorp, a mobile-only esports league.  

The venue will sprawl on 10,000 sq ft and accommodate 300 people with spaces for up to 120 spectators and eSports enthusiasts. The studio will focus on providing fans with high-quality viewership experience.

More importantly, the new facilities will allow tournament organisers to record and broadcast live their tournaments, making the studio a desired location to set up a tournament.

ESP Gaming president Jeff Liboon elaborated that his eSports organisation had teamed up with MGM and Aria to convert a multi-purpose poker studio into an electronic sports arena, decking it out with all necessary features and amenities.

Poker Central Chief Digital Officer JR McCabe said that the latest investment is part of the company’s promise to continue to expand its ‘programming slate.’

Liboon also hinted that the venue could be accommodating future large-scale events, such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and other mass-scale battle royale game titles.

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