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By Stoyan Todorov eSports 05 Apr 2018 102 views

Media company Esports Mogul has been adding more customers to its eSports gaming platform Mogul Arena. With the addition of 217,649 players over two weeks, the tournament initiative has managed to score a four-fold increase in its base, or a 390% monthly increase.

Much of this growth is thanks to the launch of a series of Asian competitions featuring popular titles, such as CS:GO and Dota 2. Esports Mogul has also collaborated with Mineski, an established name in the professional and competitive electronic sports. Esports Mogul has also just recently concluded a tie-up with Razer, allowing it to gain more visibility among gamers.

The partnership with Razer allows Esports Mogul to bolster fan and players interaction as part of the Mogul Sports events. By using the zSilver, a digital currency described as a ‘virtual loyalty credit system,’ fans are able to back their favourite teams and try to guess the outcome of matches and tournaments.

Esports Mogul has also collaborated with Australian eSports team ORDER who have already won several high-profile events. Since the launch of the platform, fans have carried out more than 141,000 votes to participate in the eSports action on their screens.

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