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By Stoyan Todorov eSports 02 Apr 2018 44 views

One of the largest eSports databases, Gleetz.gg is now refocusing its efforts to become the TripAdvisor of eSports. The company will seek to expand its data in everything related to gaming and eSports. Currently, it stores information about 15,000 people, 1,300 events, 800 teams and 500 communities.

According to Gleetz.gg Co-founder Alexandra ‘Maxima’ Berthold, the platform will channel its resources into becoming a social media for professional and competitive video gaming. Berthold estimates that this will require substantial resources and adds that the transformation will allow Gleetz.gg to offer hitherto unavailable services on the eSports market.

Gleetz.gg specialises in allowing users to find out more about teams, communities, and events that have to do with gaming and eSports. The platform even allows users to communicate with everyone involved in the eSports community, and more importantly, the search option allows you to identify the closes eSports venue.

Gleetz.gg founder Marc Berthold explained the future incarnation as ‘the TripAdvisor for eSports’. He elaborated that it would be difficult to decide which venue and event would be worth visiting these days and Gleetz.gg would allow everyone to seek opinions from fellow eSports enthusiasts.

The platform will retain its user-centric approach and remains available in French, English, and German.

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