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By Nikola Petrov eSports 03 Apr 2018 164 views

In an epic clash between Europe and North America, the champion title and the spoils of war found their new holder.

Though not as popular as other eSport titles, World of Warcraft has a fascinating tournament scene in is a favourite game to watch to lots of people. We normally don’t focus on it here at eSports.com, but these finals were a sight to behold and definitely deserve our attention. And yours.

WoW operates in a similar way to Heroes of the Storm – with two qualifier tournaments, culminating in a spectacular World Championship final brawl during Blizzcon.

The prize is three-fold: $50,000, the pride of your Region and a spot in the World match. With these things in mind, the leading guilds got to work.

Day one was marked by endless surprises. The tournament favourites – Method Orange and XRB both lost their first matches. They were beaten by Europe’s Reformed and NA’s The Rejects. Reformed took on Super Frogs and The Rejects, in order.

Day two kept the upsets coming, with Skill Capped Black eliminating XRB even without one of their main players. Thus, a very unexpected Grand Finalist bracket was formed – underdogs Reformed versus Rejects.

The battle was over quickly, as Reformed swiped The Rejects 4-0. They quickly elevated from the number four team in Europe, to a contender for world dominance with $50,000 in their pockets.

The European region bested North America in eight out of the 13 matches in the tournament, which is not something we often see in eSports.

The next big clash in WoW is the Summer cups, starting 12 May.

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