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By Stoyan Todorov eSports 03 Apr 2018 52 views

Community and eSports event organiser Super League Gaming (SLG) is rolling out its own media channel and content creation studio based in Southern California. The namesake channel, SuperLeagueTV, will broadcast footage from the League of Legends City Champs Series as well as events from the All-Stars competition.

The newly baptised SuperLeagueTV will focus on amateur eSports and offer an opportunity to burgeoning enthusiasts to participate in competitions. In the initial stages, the production will focus on the most noteworthy storylines, which it will garner from the individual player-versus-player clashes during the SLG events this year.

SLG is also bringing commentary and analysis to elaborate on the action that will take place on the screen. The channel will also focus on telling the stories of people who are participating in competitive video gaming in the hopes of turning it into a career.

SLG Chief Commercial Officer Matt Edelman said that both the new TV channel and company are player-centric. With this in mind, Edelman explained that SLG is looking to provide aspiring amateurs with enough opportunities to play in a ‘trusted and competitive environment.’

The SLG rollout will feature city-vs-city competitions held at multiple venues across the United States, and the channel will provide sufficient footage of events both before and after matches, all of which can be followed on Twitch.

With the latest addition of its own eSports channel, SLG is consolidating its staying power as one of the most committed organisations to support amateur competitive gaming. Most recently, the company has expanded to Atlanta, Tampa Bay, Washington D.C., and Philadelphia as part of its ambitious to propagate eSports.

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