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By Stoyan Todorov eSports 02 Apr 2018 144 views

Spanish telecoms giant Telefónica is increasing its presence in eSports. The company will now seek to set up the so-called Movistar Riders Academy, an initiative that will nurture future eSports talent in Spain. The academy will be a testing ground for players’ abilities and an opportunity to achieve a career in eSports.

Telefónica’s own involvement in eSports in recent months has been the basis for the future expansion of the project and the creation of Movistar eSports Series, Telefónica Communications Head Dante Cacciatore commented.

In raw numbers, Telefónica’s eSports initiative has garnered significant support with 2.7 million followers. Movistar Esports content pages sported significant number of visits for months.

With the latest announcement, a new venue for budding talents has been signed between Movistar and ESL. The resulting Movistar Esports Series will help young players who are at the beginning of their career advance and develop.

The organisation will not only seek to equip young talents with the tools necessary to excel in eSports, but also gradually introduce them to events such as ESL One and IEM by sending them there.

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