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By Tasho Tashev Dota 2 02 Apr 2018 1505 views

After many highly contested matches this weekend, we finally have the bracket for the Main event ready. The top four teams in the ranking – Virtus.pro, LGD Gaming, Mineski and TNC Pro Team are already waiting in Round 1 of the Upper bracket. Virtus.pro yet again show dominance and haven’t lost a single game so far. Mineski are only slightly behind with a single loss out of the seven matches they’ve played. Surprisingly enough, one of the first teams to be eliminated from the tournament were OG. They needed only one more win to make the difference and continue forward to the next round, but that didn’t happen as Vici Gaming prevailed over them. Among the others that are no longer part of the event are paiN Gaming, Effect and Keen Gaming, which respectively had 0 wins, 1 win and 2 wins.

The most diverse rosters were played by Team Liquid, Newbee and LGD Gaming, all of them hovering just over 30 different heroes. On the opposite end of the spectrum are EG with just 14. Even after the recent patch tried to balance the five-man deathball, it’s still going strong. Proof of that are the most picked heroes in most teams – Dragon Knight, Sand King and Gyrocopter. At least Death Prophet is no longer that popular.

Right now, Mineski are looking scary with the highest GPM and XPM from all the participants so far. But the ones who should be most intimidated by them are not even in the tournament. Na’Vi are currently hanging by a thread in the top 8 DPC team ranking, if Mineski manage to finish at least third in DAC 2018 they’d surpass them and might even knock EG to the 8th place depending on their performance. That’d secure their spot and an invitation for TI. But then again, plenty more tournaments are still to come.

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