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By Stoyan Todorov eSports 30 Mar 2018 155 views

Turner and IMG’s eSports initiative ELEAGUE will add another eye-catching title, by introducing the Street Fighter V Invitational 2018. The event will put $250,000 in prize money on the table and pit 24 of the top-ranking players against each other. Future competitors will play on the Arcade Edition, too.

The first round will take place on 1 June and broadcasts will be available on TBS. The skirmishes will continue every Friday through 22 June 2018. Playoffs will take place on 13 July.

Meanwhile, ELEAGUE has been driving steady forays into advancing the cause of eSports titles and the league has announced another tie-up in addition to the main event. ELEAGUE will collaborate with eSports hosting platform Battlefy to initiate a series of amateur-level competitions all across the United States to accompany the main event.

In the first such event, fans will have a chance to square it out during the ELEAGUE x Battlefy: Street Fighter V Open. Broken down into two seasons, the first leg will start on 21 April, and the second part is set to follow on 12 May. Successful contenders will be eligible to go to Atlanta where they will take part in a final showdown at the ELEAGUE Arena on 13 July, ahead of the Invitational’s finals.

A number of noteworthy feature shows will be accessible to all viewers on TBS. Fans may glance upon a preview of the playoffs on 6 July.

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