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By Nikola Petrov Overwatch 29 Mar 2018 158 views

There is talk about these two teams switching support players.

The rumour originally came in a tweet by famous Quake player and eSports journalist Rod ‘Slasher’ Breslau.

According to his sources, the Valiant are looking for a Korean player to tighten their roster, and as a result are in the late stages of a trade deal with the Dallas Fuel. However, the players said to switch places are supports Scott ‘Custa’ Kennedy from Dallas and Benjamin ‘uNKOE’ Chevasson from the Valiant.

The initial reception to the rumours by the community seems to be very mixed. At first sight, the trade does not seem to be extremely beneficial for either team. NKoe is an Ana and Widowmaker specialist. He’s an excellent sniper player, but also knows when to dial back and play defensively and just support his teammates.

Custa has proven to be extremely useful for the Dallas Fuel. He is great at communicating with his team and calling the shots – something they’ve clearly struggled in the past, as we’ve seen from previous OWL analysis panels. His team seems to be trading him away just as he was providing his best service to them.

It can’t be ignored though, that Dallas are probably the most controversial team in OWL right now (alongside Shanghai Dragons), with three of their players getting penalties for violations of the League guidelines and ‘toxicity’ problems. This sudden move might be part of a renovation plan they might be working on – clearing their internal problems, while simultaneously showing their fans they are still worth supporting. That being said, nKoe has had his fair share of ‘toxic’ issues in the past, so we don’t know what this could mean for the future of the team.

There are only speculations, anyway. We’ll have a better understanding when the teams issue official statements on the matter.

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