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By Nikola Petrov Overwatch 29 Mar 2018 188 views

A new community event celebrating cosplay, eSports and everything Overwatch will run through the US.

Blizzard just announced its new community-based celebration titled the Overwatch Payload Tour.

This is a series of events centered around cosplay and Overwatch fandom. The tour will feature some of the best cosplayers and their latest creations. However, that’s not to say that ‘civilians’ aren’t welcome. Every participant in one of the scheduled events will have the opportunity to take a 360-degree panoramic picture with prop weapons from the game to the backdrop of one of the many maps in the game.
They will also receive an event-exclusive pin. The Blizzard pin-trading community is a huge thing, as we’ve seen from the craze that happens during every Blizzcon, so we know that these things hold value to a lot of people.

The first of the events will take place during PAX East, 5-8 April. During the first night of the convention, everyone is invited to heed to ‘The Greatest Bar’ in Boston for an Overwatch League viewing party, sweetened by giveaways and community-based activities.

After PAX East the Payload will continue through these ‘points’:

• PAX East: 5–8 April
• E3: 12–14 June
• Anime Expo: 5–8 July
• San Diego Comic-Con: 19–22 July
• Dragon Con: 30 August – 3 September
• New York Comic Con: 4-7 October

For once, players of the game will have to resist their urge to intercept the payload, as we’d very much like it to reach all of its destinations.

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