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By Stoyan Todorov eSports 29 Mar 2018 147 views

Developer studio GAME Digital is planning to bring around 100 new eSports venues in the next three years, after the successful rollout оf its new console. Following the release of Nintendo Switch, the company’s revenue has increased significantly in the six months since the launch, growing by 3.7%. The company’s revenue reached £517,000,000 while its profit fell by 25%, down to £12,300,000.

Despite the sudden jolt in the profit of the company, its stock remains healthy and it has risen by 25%, spurred by the popularity of video gaming in the United Kingdom and Spain.

GAME will seek to raise awareness about eSports among everyday people in the cities it launches its Belong initiative, a series of chain stores equipped with consoles, VR sets and computers, and selling video game titles. In February, British retailer Sports Direct acquired 50% of the rights and profits for Belong.

Despite the recent dip in earnings, GAME believes the Belong initiative will soon kick off in earnest. Meanwhile, the company is researching the best venues for its future arenas, as it will seek to equip them with a maximum number of gaming stations. However, the company will also try to mitigate costs to stay competitive.

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