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By Nikola Petrov StarCraft II 29 Mar 2018 136 views

Blizzard launches a patch introducing some bug fixes and new cosmetics to buy, which will directly support the Nation Wars V tournament.

The official patch notes read:


We’re partnering with O’Gaming TV to bring promotional items for Nation Wars V into StarCraft II.

Players who purchase the Nation War bundle will now have access to following content:

- Four new emojis
- Three new sprays
- 32 new portraits
- Visit our blog for more information.

Bug Fixes


- Backup Bank files are no longer able to bypass the bank signature option.


- Corrected the text of the ‘Fenix Upgrade Cache’ when viewed from the Co-op Commander Select screen to read the damage is increased by 15 instead of 10.

- Adjusted the text for the War Chest Katowice 2018 to clarify that it is no longer available for purchase.

- Fixed an issue that caused the titles of in-client news items to become obscured unless a player moused over the item.

- Fixed the full price and discounted price of the Campaign Collection and the Campaign Collection Digital Deluxe bundles.

- Joining a Replay through the friends list will no longer result in never joining the replay lobby.’

Nation Wars is an ultra-competitive and rather unique online tournament that pits players from countries around the world against each other based on fan votes.

It is organised by O’Gaming and offers a total prize pool of $50,000.

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