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By Nikola Petrov Overwatch 28 Mar 2018 159 views

The format returns for another run and we have all the information about it.

Overwatch World Cup was initially announced two years ago and last year it expanded further. With the growth of the competitive Overwatch scene, this year is expected to be bigger than ever.

Qualifications start today and will continue until the end of Season 9 – 28 April. Blizzard will track the performance of each country’s top 150 players through the World Cup website, and the top 20 countries will be invited to compete.

Group stage hosts are the same as before – France, Korea, Thailand and the US.

After qualifications are over, Committees will be created. Each will be comprised of three people – a GM, a coach and a community lead.
GMs will be selected by the devs and could be drawn from the player base, talent, or community members.
Everybody can apply for a coach, and Blizzard will be selecting from the top 150 players. They will then be narrowing them down to the top three and ask the 150 players to vote.
Community leads will follow the same selection as coaches, and Blizzard will select the top 10 candidates for each country and a vote between the players will be held.

Next stage is Player tryouts. These are scheduled for 1 June through 5 July. All players, including Overwatch League ones, are allowed to compete for a spot in their country’s team. Teams can contain up to 12 players.


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