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By Tasho Tashev Dota 2 27 Mar 2018 134 views

Drama is back on the menu as favouritism and match overlapping still seem to be happening in official tournaments. This year is really intense given the number of Majors, Minors, and the qualifiers that precede them. With Valve scheduling only the tournaments and not the qualifiers in question, it’s hard to avoid problems, but sometimes things are made this way intentionally.

This is the case with the Changsha North America Qualifier, the GESC Thailand North America Qualifier and the Epicenter XL Madness Qualifier. Let’s get one thing out of the way – changing the date for an event at the very last moment is never okay.

Basically, MDL wanted to postpone the Grand Finals of the NA Qualifier to after DAC 2018, so a certain team doesn’t miss the opportunity to enter every possible contest, which is insane. The info comes directly from one of the teams participating in those events, namely Team VGJ.

This whole situation as ludicrous as it may sound was announced in an even more astonishing way in the early hours of the morning. Barely anyone was awake and maybe that was the idea, to get it to a point of no return. Such shady practices must be prohibited completely and sanctioned accordingly.

Naturally, the players from both Complexity and VGJ protested against this decision and stood up for their rights and after almost a day of complete silence from the side of the admins, it was all changed back to the initial schedule. Both organisations have reached out to Valve for assistance and hopefully, that’ll make a difference in the future, making players worry less about the schedule and more about the game itself. Valve should come out with a statement regarding the issue anytime soon.

Considering the above should Valve assume full control of all scheduling and is that even possible?

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