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By Stoyan Todorov eSports 27 Mar 2018 114 views

Entertainment holding Infinite is adding variety to its offer by signing up eSports apparel brand Sector Six, becoming the latest acquisition Infinite has added in recent months.

Infinite already sports a hefty portfolio, with partners such as broadcast and event company NGAGE and eSports agency Triggerfish. In addition, Infinite is the sponsor and owner of OpTic, Allegiance, and Obey Alliance, adding for a rich presence in the segment.

While the current move will not affect any of the entities involved, Sector Six owner Zachary Sass has said that the company will expand its range of products and introduce new ones. Sass also pointed out that thanks to the collaboration with Finite, Sector Six may work with ‘merchandise designers and marketers.’

In its present form, Texas Rangers co-owner Neil Leibman also heads Infinite, which is based in the South. Coincidentally, Sector Six’s main locales share similar geographical location, with cities such as Dallas and Texas among others.

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