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PUBG reaches new sales record

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PlayerUnknown’s Battleground is now the third best-selling game on Steam. The information comes directly from Valve president Gabe Newell.

The beans were spilled in a closed doors presentation about the upcoming card game Artifact. As reported by IGN, while discussing market tendencies, Gaben briefly talked about a ‘big hole’ left gaping after the release of Dota 2, which PUBG managed to fill.

Valve chief listed a multitude of factors contributing to the surprising and speedy success of the game.

One of them is the use of technology and the overwhelming popularity of multiplayer games. The survival genre had its time in the sun and proved that players want to endlessly run around forests and kill each other. However, the battle royale style of matchmaking made it even more convenient to jump in, shoot some dudes, and move on with your life.

Another factor – and this is a force to be reckoned with – is the Chinese market. It is bigger than ever and it’s most influential in the PC scene – the platform where Steam, and in turn PUBG, had their origins and have their home.

Steam is the world leader in video game distribution by a long shot and being the third best-selling game of all time is huge. Holding this position, while also being a new studio with only one game, is beyond impressive. Yeah, we can joke that ‘Riot Games’ should be renamed to ‘Riot-only-one-game’ all day, but their success, and now, PlayerUnknown’s, are deserving of our utmost respect.