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PUBG pro team disqualified for cheating

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OpTic Gaming were stripped off their second-place ranking and $15,000 prize after one of their players was caught abusing a see-through wall glitch.

During the eighth game in the PUBG Invitational at IEM Katowice, Ian ‘Bahawaka’ Crowe moved next to a wall in a very specific way to make it transparent. This was obviously abusing a glitch, and therefore not allowed in a competitive setting. The removal of the team was decided by tournament officials.

According to pro players, this exploit is very hard to do accidentally, as it would require very specific actions on the part of the player. Bahawaka had a different explanation, though. In a Reddit post, he wrote: 

‘We were playing with ear buds and noise canceling headphones on top. This leads to poor noise quality. I hopped in the corner to get as close as physically possible to their car rotation to track it's movement. If you watched the match live or are familiar with the terrain, there's no benefit to having vision of that hill during that scenario. Nice title though!!’

As seen by the responses in the subreddit, not many people buy it. Neither did the tournament organisers. They issued a formal ruling detailing the situation and exactly how it violates the rules in an official post.

Seems like both the causal and competitive PUBG scenes are still plagued by cheaters and exploiters. However, the timely ruling by the game authorities and the constant software improvements give us hope this would change very soon.